Burlingame Interiors Ltd. is an interior design firm established in Albany, N.Y. in l974. Our practice over those almost 40 years has been involved in the design of a broad range of interior projects. Our clientele has selected us to design interiors for commercial, residential, multi-family, hospitality, senior living, adaptive re-use, and restoration projects.The Burlingame Interiors, Ltd  design philosophy is driven by the principle that our designers listen intently to the client’s functional requirements and aesthetic desires while creatively and intuitively creating  solutions which meet those needs and desires. At the end of the process, design solutions created must serve, satisfy and delight the client. It is THEIR environment in which they must comfortably live, work, play, relax and enjoy.

Aesthetically, Burlingame Interiors Ltd. has produced award winning, nationally published interiors in a wide variety of styles from modern to detailed historic preservation. In addition to working independently with its own clientele, our firm frequently works in collaboration with the client’s architect, real estate developers and custom builders.

The staff of Burlingame Interiors includes four interior designers, two of whom are licensed by the State of New York and one of whom is LEED Certified. All Interior Design staff hold Bachelor or Associate Degrees in Interior Design from accredited institutions of higher learning. Collectively, the staff has over 100 years of experience in creating environments for living, working and playing not only in the Capital Region but across the United States.

Burlingame Interiors Ltd., not only provides it clientele with the finest and most qualified interior design services in the region but as an added service offers its clients the ability to organize and manage the purchase, coordination, delivery and installation of furniture and furnishings for the interiors they design in any location.

Burlingame Interiors offers a complete range of services to create and expedite your Interior Design project on time and on budget.

Our only question is – how can we assist you?